Upon confirmation of Polish origin, you will receive a Pole's card that allows you to legally immigrate to Poland and enjoy the benefits you are entitled to.
The presence of a Pole's card gives the right to a simplified move to Poland for permanent residence and obtaining a Polish passport in 1 year

Pole's Card. Features of issuance

Issuing a Pole's Card is possible if there is evidence of the existence of a Pole relative up to the third generation (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather) or two in the fourth (great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers, either paternal or maternal)

Our specialists at Nowa perspektywa will analyze your pedigree, and in case of loss of supporting documents, they will request them from the state archives

Consulate registration
Each applicant for a Pole's Card must attend an interview with a consul to confirm knowledge of the language, history and culture of Poland. The consular officer will appoint you a date for the interview and give you the address of the nearest Polish representative office
Preparing for an interview
To complete the interview successfully, it is necessary to know Polish - this is an indicator of your desire to become a part of Polish society. Our experts will help you prepare for an interview with the consul of Poland, providing a list of topical questions in different thematic categories - biography, customs and traditions, history, famous figures - with answers in Polish
How to use the Pole's Card
  • the document must be presented together with a valid foreign passport of the home country when applying for studying, employment, visiting museums in Poland, using public transport
  • the card is issued for a period of 10 years and is subject to renewal
  • prolongation of the document is possible upon submission of the corresponding application to the Polish embassy or consulate 3 months prior to the expiration date
  • after a year of residence in a country with a Pole's Card, you can apply for citizenship
Pole's Card for a child
  • the possession of a Pole's Card by the parents provides the opportunity to issue a document for children under 16 years old
  • if one of the parents does not possess a Pole's Card, his or her written permission is required for the child to receive the Card
  • children from 16 to 18 years old must appear for an interview and express a personal desire to register a document
  • upon reaching the age of 18, the Pole's Card will be valid for a year. To extend the document for 10 years, you must submit a special application to the Polish representative office 3 months before the expiration date
Is it possible to issue a Pole's Card without Polish origins?
it is possible to issue a Pole's Card without Polish ethnic identity through active participation over the last 3 years in activities aimed at supporting the language and culture of Poland. For example, volunteer work in Polish public organizations. To receive the Card, the applicant must provide a general package of documents and confirm the three-year activity with a certificate from the organization in which the work was carried out.

The registration procedure for this option also involves an interview with a representative of the Polish consulate / embassy

Advantages of obtaining Pole's Card

We work every day to make your immigration process to Poland easier and more accessible.
Employment in Poland on the equal rights as the citizens of the country
Buying a real estate in Poland
The right to a financial government support

Opportunity to get education in Polish educational institutions
Starting and operating an entrepreneurship in Poland
The use of Polish medicine
Registration of a national Polish visa on simplified conditions
Obtaining Permanent Residency and citizenship
Prices and terms
- Consideration takes 3 months

According to paragraph 5, article 35 of the Administrative Procedure Code, the period of issuing a permit may take longer, due to a delay on the part of the applicant or for other reasons that the authority issuing a TRP in Poland does not take responsibility for
  • Confirmation of belonging to the Polish people
  • International and internal passports
  • Filled-in application form (wniosek)
  • 3.5 x 4.5 cm sized photograph taken within the last 6 months
How it will look for you:
Free consultation
Conclusion of a contract
Collecting the necessary documents
- Confirmation of belonging to the Polish people
- International and internal passports
- Filled-in application form (wniosek)
- 3.5 x 4.5 cm sized photograph taken within the last 6 months
Recording and submission support for documents
Obtaining the Pole's Card
Submit your application
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