Land lot permit in Poland

Your guarantee of the legal registration of the purchase of land in accordance with all the rules and regulations without the slightest risk of any fraud.
We provide our clients with all the necessary range of services, from land search to obtaining a permit and supporting at the final stage of the transaction.
By contacting us, you will see many advantages and possibilities for obtaining a permit to acquire land in Poland:

  • accurate high-quality advice on the preparation of important and necessary documentation
  • saving important time
  • saving financial costs
  • correct legal registration of a land permit
  • if necessary, the collection of all information and support at every stage of the transaction during the acquisition of land in Poland
  • additional services of lawyers at a professional level
Our company will provide you a personal consultant and promptly offer real estate options
We accompany your transaction at all stages:

  • forming of an application by power of attorney for submitting it to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland
  • our specialists will accompany you during the payment of the fee
  • consideration of permit, issuance of a power of attorney, upon receipt of a certificate, etc.
  • if you are an alien, then we will help prepare all the necessary documents that confirm your connection with Poland
  • we will help to prepare all the documentation that plays a role in the acquisition of land
Prices and terms
We work every day to make your immigration process to Poland easier and more accessible.
period for obtaining a land lot permit is within 3-6 months

up to 3% of the land lot value
the cost is discussed individually
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13 Krakowskie Przedmieście 4th floor, 05-077 Warszawa, Poland
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