Renting a commercial property in Poland

We will help you find the premises you need in all respects, based on your desires and requirements. This can be either a building for a warehouse or offices in prestigious areas of any city in Poland for a variety of commercial purposes.
Do you still hesitate whether to rent or buy? Let us show you the positive aspects of renting the commercial property:

    • the purchase is much more expensive than renting, therefore (especially if you have a young company) it will be more practical to rent the premises for all the necessary parameters and requirements
    • any business is a risk and, possibly, a lack of financial stability, and a rent will never become an untimely or unsuccessful investment
    • if the premises (or even the city) somehow start not to suit you, all this can be easily changed, which cannot be done simply with the already purchased property
    Our company will provide you a personal consultant and promptly offer real estate options
    Finding a housing in Poland which would fulfil all the requirements is not so easy, there are a lot of options. Let us show you what determines one of the main issues - the pricing policy for renting a housing in Poland:

    • distance from the city center
    • dimensions of the entire settlement
    • dimensions and functionality of the premises
    • condition of the premises (was maintenance provided or not)
    • availability of the necessary equipment and furniture
    Prices and terms
    We work every day to make your immigration process to Poland easier and more accessible.
    we will find the premises in 3 days

    50% of the rental price
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