Buying a Commercial Property in Poland

We fully understand how important it is to find exactly the premises that will meet all the rules and needs for commercial affairs.
We will help you buy a shop, hotel, bar, office, factory or any other premises in Poland
The advantages of buying a commercial property attract many investors to invest their money. Let us show you all the positive aspects of using the services of our company:

  • saving personal time, which is so important in the conduct of any business
  • we have an extensive database in which there are many options that are not available even on the Internet
  • advise and accompany you during every purchase procedure
  • we will competently and accurately help to collect all the necessary documentation
  • we provide a selection of premises for the submitted requests in any city of Poland
  • an excellent quality-price ratio
Our company will provide you a personal consultant and promptly offer real estate options
for the purchase of these types of commercial property:

  • specialized industrial centers
  • office buildings, various business centers
  • buildings for warehouses
  • shops or separate trading platforms
  • complex structures, etc.

let us check it from the legal side:

  • is property arrested or not
  • landlord mortgages secured by real estate
  • a ban on the commission of various actions
  • a ban on construction (for land plots)

Prices and terms
We work every day to make your immigration process to Poland easier and more accessible.
we will find the premises in 3 days

up to 3% of the property value
the cost is discussed individually
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+48 690 630 693
13 Krakowskie Przedmieście 4th floor, 05-077 Warszawa, Poland
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