Accounting services of Nowa Perspectywa in Poland

Any documentation of your business must comply with the laws and regulations of the country in which it develops.

Accurate and high-quality work of the accounting department is important not only for managers and employees of the company, but also for creditors, investors, and tax authorities.

We will help you understand all the intricacies of accounting, minimize costs, avoid mistakes and fines

The main services we provide:
Accounting and tax accounting
  • documentation (written reports of transactions)
  • assessment of funds
  • balance sheet (data on property value and liabilities)
  • tax reporting
  • double entry
  • inventory (audit of property on the company's balance sheet)
  • costing (calculation of the cost of products and services provided)
  • minimization of costs
Accounting restoration
Accounting restoration is the implementation of certain measures in accounting and tax reporting, which contributes to the elimination of the accrual of penalties associated with the incorrect maintenance of tax objects.

In which cases it is necessary to restore accounting:

  • typos or the presence of incorrect data in the primary documentation
  • lack of accounting or registers (for certain periods)
  • dismissal of an accountant due to their incompetence, during which problems arose in accounting and financial statements
  • loss, theft, or force majeure (for example: fire, flood, failure of the electronic database) with existing documentation
  • unsatisfactory audit
What concerns the restoration of accounting:

  • preparation and restoration of primary documentation
  • recovery of required missing documents
  • generation of financial results / accounting registers for comparison with already submitted reporting
  • preparation of all reports
  • preparation of declarations for the tax service, taking into account the already restored accounting registers
Preparation of annual and quarterly reports
An annual report contains all the financial information regarding company's activities. Tax reporting is prepared on its basis, and its compilation accuracy might affect the attraction of investors and creditors. Every business enterprise needs to file the reports.

The majority of commercial companies file annual reports to the National Court Register (KRS). Certain penalties are prescribed in case of a failure to provide the annual report.

If a commercial organization is not registered within the KRS, then it submits simplified financial reporting for the relevant tax authority.

Our specialists will help you to prepare an annual report competently and submit it to the tax authority. The data of the annual financial statements of enterprises are provided in strict accordance with Polish legislation and law requirements for the protection of personal data.
Consultation with an accountant
Areas in which your business may need qualified assistance and advice from our specialists:

  • taxation and optimization, scheduling of payments
  • features of financial accounting and additional payments reflected in the report
  • general advice on taxes and finance
  • choice of tax system
  • preparation of documentation for contractors
  • information support of office work
  • full accounting and support
  • restoration

We will personally analyze the specifics of your business and select the best solution to the issue in the shortest possible time
Representation before tax authorities
Each commercial organization or individual who earns income in the country must be registered with the tax authority and have a personal tax identification number in order to pay the corresponding duties.

We represent the interests of clients in tax authorities, provide registration in the registry of taxpayers and in the registry of VAT payers

What is included in our services:

  • determination of taxes on provided services (or goods)
  • work with documentation and with accounting VAT
  • work with the documentation of a specific tax
  • taking the necessary actions based on Polish tax legislation
  • regulation of strict compliance of actions in all tax procedures
Preparation and filing of tax returns in the forms of PIT, CIT, VAT, ZUS, GUS
What are the main taxes to consider when doing business in Poland:

  • value added tax - VAT
  • personal income tax - PIT
  • Polish government agency dealing with social insurance issues - ZUS
  • corporate income tax - CIT

VAT tax in Poland

The tax is not paid only by the health services (selectively), social security, education and, also selectively, financial and insurance companies.

VAT is a tax that is already included in the cost of a service or product. The rate on it depends on the type of goods or services provided:

standard rate - 23%
international transport services, export of goods, intra-industry supplies, etc. - 0%
some types of books, food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural services, livestock, periodicals, newspapers, magazines - 8%, 5% and 3%

CIT tax in Poland

This is a flat rate tax of 19% for legal entities. On January 1, 2018, an update was introduced to the legislation, thanks to which CIT was reduced to 9% for small companies, whose income in the previous year did not exceed €1,200,000. Expenses might be deducted from the tax base up to 50% subject to the acquisition of new technologies. Aliens and those who intend to introduce new projects to the Polish market can also take advantage of the reduced tax of 9%.

PIT tax in Poland

A compulsory payment for everyone who receives income from entrepreneurial activity under a contract (labor, civil, etc.). If an individual or legal entity resides in Poland and receives income from the type of activity (provision of services and goods), this obliges him to pay a tax duty on the amount of all income received.

Our experts will help you prepare and submit tax returns to the appropriate authorities.
Payroll and payroll tax calculation
What is included in payroll services in Poland:

  • determination of the amount of salary, deductions to insurance funds and tax authorities
  • calculation of additional expenses of the company (sick leave, vacation pay, travel allowances, bonuses)
  • control and preparation of the necessary reporting on the accrual of salary and its submission to the relevant authorities (annual and quarterly reports).

What is payroll accounting in Poland

This service was created to structure and systematize the size of salaries and additional expenses in the form of sick leave, vacation pay, etc. In Polish law, salary is distributed on net and gross.


This is the salary that goes to workers in "pure form", that is, taking into account deductions of taxes, levies and other mandatory additional payments.


This salary is prescribed in the contract, which the employer signs with the hired person. The gross salary carries all taxes, duties, additional mandatory payments to the relevant authorities and social insurance funds.

What is the calculation of payroll taxes in Poland:

  • 9.76% - to the pension fund (compulsory payment)
  • 7.77% - medical insurance
  • 1.5% - in case of possible loss of legal capacity
  • 6.63% - income tax, which is taken from the gross salary, excluding social payments
  • 2.45% - separate health insurance prescribed by agreement of both parties in Umov about prats (optional)

Our experts will help in maintaining and accounting for payroll, the formation of payroll records for employees, and will prepare declarations (returns).
Services for individuals entrepreneurs

At a professional level, our company provides a full range of services, and certain types of activities:

  • full support of a business from its opening and accounting maintenance to undertaking the necessary measures (tax inspections, etc.)
  • accounting for the taxation system
  • reporting in the presence of benefits and allowances
  • registration of insurance and social security for personnel
  • payroll
  • management of declarations, tax documents
Human Resource (HR) administration
What are the services of HR administration in Poland:

  • hiring new employees
  • preparing a personal file
  • control over the preparation of the staff schedule, vacation schedule and related orders
  • registration of forms (sick leaves), applications
  • control over the development of working hours
  • preparation and submission of reports to the relevant authorities

The company's specialists will advise you on the correct and legal conduct of office work in Poland. With us, you will learn about all the nuances of the necessary documentation: instructions, schedules, employment contracts, forms of personnel documents, orders, etc. But at the same time, you do not need to delve into the details and complexity of the legislative system.

We will handle all the formalities!

  • we can reduce your costs and your company
  • exclusively professional services in office work with knowledge of the nuances and changes in the laws of Poland
  • minimum number of documents to be processed

Labor law consultation
The stable economic condition of a European country means that people working there do not have to worry about the wages lowering. With good performance of the assigned tasks, you can confidently count on an increase in salary. Also, in this case, you should not be afraid of the bankruptcy of the enterprise. In addition, while continuing to work in Poland, you can count on staying here to live and work. If you like your employment and the employer is satisfied with your work, you can legalize your stay in Poland.

What kind of assistance on Polish labor law do we provide:

  • legal support on the taxation of your salary, the possibility of maximum savings in sending remittances (to Ukraine and other CIS countries)
  • assistance in sending the necessary documents to the employer for employment in Poland
  • informational support on how to find a job in Poland and not get scammed
  • insurance for the entire stay abroad
  • consulting assistance in applying for a visa and support if necessary
  • full support for obtaining a work visa for 6 months
  • consulting assistance and collection of necessary documents for traveling abroad on a work visa
  • full support during your stay abroad on a work visa (if necessary)

It is absolutely possible and easy to obtain a work permit in Poland. We will help!
Internal audit of a company
Company audit allows you to protect your business from losses and unreasonable spending

Internal audit of companies is a specialized service of our company, which comprises the independent verification of all company reports and will help it flourish successfully on Polish territory, taking into account all the norms and nuances of the legislation. The purpose of such a verification is to determine reliable data on the financial condition of the entire enterprise and its financial statements.

We provide audits in Poland for companies with various types of activities and with any form of ownership. Our specialists have sufficient skills and knowledge to determine the financial condition of your business and evaluate its further effectiveness.

An audit is carried out if it is necessary:

  • to confirm the financial condition of the company for foreign partners
  • to increase the productivity of the company
  • to prevent tax risks
  • to correct errors in reporting that lead to administrative penalties
  • to prepare for the reporting period
  • to check the competence and negligence of the staff accountant

Existing types of audit:

  • statutory
  • tax
  • initiative

Our company holds specialists who will competently check all the financial documents, we will assess the state of your reporting and give effective advice on opportunities to improve your business.
Support during tax inspections
Complex of services during tax inspections in Poland

In most cases, a timely appeal to our company leads to the revocation of the accrued fines or their cancellation in court. During the specialists' preparation and familiarization with your activities, we carefully study all the nuances of problem operations so that we can easily offer solution mechanisms. During the audit, we guarantee that your interests are protected at a professional level.

What is included in the range of services for providing support during tax inspections in Poland:

  • legal informational advice on the tax inspection procedure itself
  • providing briefing on the rules of conduct for employees during a tax inspection
  • analysis of all actions taken by the supervisory authority
  • cooperation with regulatory authorities in case of finding errors in the reports for the fastest and most beneficial solution of a possible problem
  • registration of acts opposing the decision of the supervisory authority
  • elimination of violations of Polish legislation
  • control over the work of inspection bodies in order to legally challenge the decisions
  • support and elimination of illegal psychological pressure on you and your subordinates
  • support in case of illegal intrusion into the company under the pretext of inspection of property, seizure of documentation
  • reduction of tax fines, penalties, etc.
Prices and terms

Our specialist accountants have many years of experience and provide services with proficiency and in the shortest possible time.

How it will look for you:
Free consultation
Selection of the needed services and conclusion of a contract
Collecting the necessary documents
Working with our specialists to solve your problems
Achieving the desired result
Why would you want to work with us?
Full support
Customers are put first.
Our specialists will select for you a personal strategy for immigration to Poland, taking into account your requirements in terms of time, cost, prospects of obtaining citizenship.
Each client will have their own personal migration lawyer who will guide them through every stage of the registration process and achieve the desired result.
Team of professionals
Our migration specialists are professionals with legal education and many years of experience in international law. You can always get a free consultation, call us or make an appointment at the office.
Complete confidentiality of personal data
Our work is connected with the personal data of clients, which should be maximally protected from unauthorized access by third parties. We apply technological and organizational measures to protect information in order to exclude unauthorized exposure, access to information, its illegal or accidental destruction, loss or alteration.

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